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3rd running Italtecnica union, brass

3rd running Italtecnica union, brass
  • 3rd running Italtecnica union, brass
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3rd running Italtecnica union, brass

Union the 3rd running: a simple and important detail in system

Brass product which nomenclature name the union three-running, is used in systems of autonomous water supply and water supply.

And the union of the 3rd running serves as uniform knot by means of which elements of system of autonomous water supply unite in the uniform interacting mechanism.

Technical requirements of this element of system of water supply are rather simple. If you were going to buy 3rd the running union, then try to choose such which is production of more or less famous producer, but not "grey" production. You will have then a warranty that so responsible knot really is made of brass and it will not be broken off even by pressure in 2 bars (though norm in system of autonomous water supply pressure in 1,6 bars is considered).

It is the standard which it is necessary to track especially strictly. Especially as the price of the union of the 3rd running is rather democratic in the consumer market of plumbing fixtures and the company product at the price should not too differ from counterfeit, cheaper analogs strongly.

Main standard requirements to the three-running union

The standard of the main section through passage of this union – one inch (these are two main inputs and outputs from knot, one of which – a water supply point from the water pump, another – a water exit point in the direction in system of use).

Actually all main operational characteristics of this detail are a table of four points setting standards and the standard sizes of the three-running union.

  1. Section (through which water is pumped) – one inch.
  2. Thickness of walls of brass is not limited, however it has to be enough to maintain water pressure in two bars (in the standard the number one and six of bars is given, however it is always necessary to consider also a possibility of force majeur circumstances).
  3. Range of working temperature – from plus of one to plus ninety five degrees (as we see, this knot can be quite used as well in hot water supply).
  4. Standard length of this element of a design necessary in system of autonomous water supply, makes seventy millimeters (though there are producers which have an admission – to 90 mm).

If the chosen detail completely corresponds to the above-named standards, then it is possible to rely on its operational opportunities safely and to mount a detail in system of water supply.

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Main attributes
The producer - Italtecnica
Union material Brass
Covering Brass
Accession type Carving
Length 70.0 mm
Working environment Water
Additional characteristics
Threaded connections 1" - M x 1" - F x 1" - F
Connection type:Threaded
Information is up-to-date: 30.05.2020
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